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Commercial for - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for any specific instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best!

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius!


@fluffy Yes, and I hope and am sure they will be ... although maybe the whole world is going to experience some population depletion ii we don't *all* wise up.

But there are a lot of mindsets that are going to have to change.... including thinking like in your post, in my humble opinion....

I know there are predictions that the wold will be at 10 billion plus by 2050, but we might turn out to be shockingly wrong about that, just as humankind has been in the past...

So we'll all be needing to stand together and move up a few rungs in human emotional development.

Imagine if the Manchus didn't take over China and fuck us over. Imagine if Zheng He was allowed to continue his voyages and China discovered the new world. Imagine if China did European styled colonialism instead of the stupid tributary bullshit. Imagine if chinese growth happened over the last 200 years instead of the last 20. Imagine if the japs didn't try to exterminate us, and instead worked with us to unite Asia. Imagine if the communists didn't take over China and obliterate our intellectual class. Imagine if Europeans left us alone instead of uniting as one to fuck us over.

Imagine 200 fucking years of development. 200 years of non stop innovations. Imagine what kind of advances in science, medicine, and technology could have been made if everyone just shut the fuck up and left us alone. Instead you guys just had to have you tea. You guys just had to have trade. Sometimes I wonder about the world we could have had. All we ever fucking wanted was to be left alone. We never invaded another country or culture (besides the ones that we considered part of China) in our entire fucking history, not one fucking time. We just wanted to be left the fuck alone. That was our greatest crime according to the world. And for that, we had to be punished I suppose. And this shitty world we live in today is the result.

Whatever, it doesn't matter I guess. No need to dwell on the past. I look forward to the future. Because for all your bitching, for all your shit talking, I know for a fucking fact that as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow and that the earth will keep spinning, the Chinese people will continue, in one form or another. We are the historical constants. Our civilization is thousands of years old, and we will live on for thousands of more years. Say whatever the fuck you want, I'm going to sleep knowing that my people will be here tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that as well.

@healyn Maybe all the wandering spirits found your place to be a comfortable, friendly place to be?

Hey, check out grindhouse.myinnerspoiledchild

Search through and you'll find the 1992 Ghostwatch program that was on the BBC at Halloween.... Interesting to watch... I'm sure the resident ghosts will love it, too! 😆

Hello, I'm #koopa. It's 09 : 23 and my house's temperature is 14.0°C

National School Board Association Commentary

WAAM AM Ann Arbor, MI

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