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my name is Reed and i'm a software engineer based in Brooklyn.

i spend a lot of time programming in #rust, and am a co-author of a library for modular sound synthesis called Oscen:

good to be here :)

On a company call: "During the pandemic while you're working from home, productivity has gone up and we've met all our client commitments and our clients are very happy. That's why think it's important to get you back to the office."


I really liked the cool decals on this rocket. The kit I'm building is proportioned a bit differently from this one, but I figured it's similar enough that I could make it fit.

A couple of hours after ordering, I got an email asking for details about colors. I mentioned the name of the kit (a Rocketry Warehouse Lil Rascal), and he offered to re-proportion the decals so they'll fit perfectly.

I figured customer service like that deserves a plug. . .

Okay, so here we go: hello, World!

I recently got through rebuilding my server for a third time... This time, I got it right and it stays.

I used to have a lot of follows and followers, but lost them all through nuclear re installation tactics without backing up first.

But, this time, I plan to keep Tardis World up and running long-term.

So anyone looking for a Mastodon home can safely come and co-habit with Dave.I

Tardis Word has one specialty: your posts ("toots") can be up to 5000 characters long.

Why did I do that? Well, I wanna post stuff like poetry, for instance.

By the way, I also operate a Peertube instance at https://tube.tardis.. . Feel free to visit...

Filmeto de la nokta ĉielobservado.

Mi havis du relative sukcesajn noktojn. Estis iom domaĝe, ke estis laborsemajno, alikaze mi povintus resti veka pli longe por kapti pli da fotonoj.

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