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@lain Is that an image from your last dream before waking?

@thor Definitely stop the bread. Try croissant and 2 cigarettes... then your mouth can taste the delicious coffee properly. 😆

Homeless people can't sleep on the sidewalk at 3am but restaurants can take up the entire sidewalk all day?

I have a little Raspberry PI that controls my lights and lava lamps and runs my lightning node.

I've been experimenting with getting it to do GPT-3 AI-generated #subgenius #rants upon demand. Probably when triggered by getting a Lightning payment.

Here's the first experiment, when i asked to to preach to me about #dobbstown

Which may be of interest to @onan

I see. It all makes sense now.

But how we find these hidden portals to #Dobbstown?

Kate is now online playing AUDIONAUTIX.COM - FOREST RHYTHM! tune in here now:

#Apollo is a personal search engine (for bookmarks, kinda)

Apollo is a web crawler to digest your digital footprint. What this means is that you choose what to put in it. Imagine a bookmark search engine that can also search the content of the bookmarked page. This is great for recalling something you have seen before.


#FOSS #Free #OpenSource #Software #Recommendation

isvarahparamahkrsnah is now online playing Jazzaria - Bash Fu March! tune in here now:

(horror) next level monster visuals 

Hi this is from Forest God by Oleg Vdovenko i've never seen art like this. truly blown away. wow please look at this if thats ok for you. its SUPER short but i think im forever affected by it. my god
Part One:
Part Two:

(horror) next level monster visuals 

@misten Entertaining.... A bit Hieronymus Bosch on the edges...

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