@flugennock Things are changing so much.. The other night, I saw 10 satellites following each other in an equally-spaced line across the sky... Most probably part of a Spacex mass launch. (Or else the Martians really are coming...)

@volpeon @amolith Well, you'll probably be aware of the existence of Dark Reader for the popular browsers, although I'm not sure if it's per-site perse... But I'd go steal that little javascript from Roundcubemail if I were you... I think I even have a javascript with accompanying HTML for multi-color switches if you're interested (it's currently slightly busted - needs my debugging - but would add a fancy touch to your site)... Anyway, "HTH" πŸ™‚

@amolith Yeah, easy to do in CSS... but the javascript lets you toggle between the two... good for tired eyes. πŸ™‚

@amolith It's a pity not to have a dark theme... they are ergonomic and eco-friendly... Roundcubemail uses a javascript that simply alters all the colors... probably a small script that might fit in?

If there are any unlisted YouTube videos out there important to you which were made by others more than a few years ago, rip yourself a local copy before you automatically lose access next month.


@pony Thunder.... then will come the rain, and the cooler air...

Rare Encounter with @coldacid and @AbleKirby is Live tonight at 7pm ET.

The pre-stream is playing some albums this afternoon. Tune in here: rareencounter.net/stream

@AbleKirby @coldacid The music's quite cool. So what's the software you're using for the streaming?

@michcio I know... you know you're going to do it... just stop the self-denial. πŸ˜†



my name is Reed and i'm a software engineer based in Brooklyn.

i spend a lot of time programming in #rust, and am a co-author of a library for modular sound synthesis called Oscen: github.com/reedrosenbluth/oscen

good to be here :)

On a company call: "During the pandemic while you're working from home, productivity has gone up and we've met all our client commitments and our clients are very happy. That's why think it's important to get you back to the office."


@hierarchon Try learning the Dvorak layout... you'll never go back...

I really liked the cool decals on this rocket. The kit I'm building is proportioned a bit differently from this one, but I figured it's similar enough that I could make it fit.

A couple of hours after ordering, I got an email asking for details about colors. I mentioned the name of the kit (a Rocketry Warehouse Lil Rascal), and he offered to re-proportion the decals so they'll fit perfectly.

I figured customer service like that deserves a plug. . .


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