I experimented with Pixelfed but the color of my photos is being degraded on upload. I'm not an artisté 🧑‍🎨 or a mantis shrimp but I can tell when my photos have been washed out and blurred. This also happens on Mastodon.

Kinda sucks but I guess I need to look for photographer-centered hosting again. Will I end up back at Flickr? That's funny since I just recently started paying for Tumblr. Everything is going back to 2010


@Tanuki It might just be a question of installing some extra software on your server to give you better image support?

Or even on your local computer, to improve your browser's color handling?

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@dave it looks like a 7MB JPG (6372x3768 pixel, color space: uncalibrated) is exported by Photos.app, and then from the web I am pulling back a 255KB JPG (1350x758). With that amount of down-sampling, plenty can go wrong with the color quality as well. And we can rule out the browser, because the file appears the same if rendered with multiple other apps.

@Tanuki@mastodon.social @dave@tardis.world Try Misskey and Misskey galleries! There's an "upload original image" option (and you can set it to default in settings)

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