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After years of hemming and hawing, this Christmas I got the very generous gift of a nice safety razor handle, so I'm finally switching away from cartridge razors to a safety razor! I ordered a sampler pack of a bunch of blade types to try to figure out what works well with my skill level, skin type, and face shape.

So far so good. Not my best shave ever by a long shot, but I was overly timid. No injuries, no razor burn. Promising early results!

Update on double edged razor blades: so far I've worked through several each of the Wilkinson, Astra, and Feather blades. They all have different shave and durability characteristics - they are more different from each other than I expected - but for my current face, shaving habits, and skill level, the Feather blades are my favourite by a wide margin.


@gnomon Personally, I am proud that I have been using the same Gillette Sensor blade for the last 6 months, and only now is it showing signs of wanting to say goodbye...

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@dave the usable lifespan of these blades is amazing, that's for dang sure! And I also appreciate that when it's finally time to dispose of them, steel is one of the easier materials to recycle - lower energy cost to recycle steel than even aluminum, apparently.

@gnomon It's true that they really are more Eco-friendly.... but they are also more dangerous to use... although that's offset by the fact that they're also much easier to adapt to other purposes... maybe their disposability is going to mean they're going to make a come-back...

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