software is not genuinely Open Source if there's no proper documentation for the source code.
please hear...
please hear...

Do you mean how to install their software or do you mean how the code works?

@onepict Developer documentation is about how the code works... Installing the software is a subject for the user documentation...

So in what way are Framasoft and Invidious failing? Criticism is valid but it needs to be explicitly explained if you want the developers (one of who needs a rest, and there's alot of folk feeling left in the lurch) and the community to listen. Is it not just the documentation is it also a failure in communication by the developers?


@onepict Both and do not have much developer documentation, just sparse, cryptic and incomplete notes on Gitbub.

believes in "documenting in the source code" (see my recent toot on that subject)

The project is particularly complex to understand, and yet is a software with a real social potential....

So I find it saddening that they don't open up their projects to outside contribution by properly documenting what they've developed so far...

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I get where you are coming from on this, and the past history on trying to setup Peertube documents the complexities. Framasoft do need to improve the documentation if they want the Chatons to succeed. I agree with you on this. These are small projects with huge user bases. Documentation tends to be different things to different people and this is where one of the massive challenges to FLOSS is.

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