software is not genuinely Open Source if there's no proper documentation for the source code.
please hear...
please hear...

Do you mean how to install their software or do you mean how the code works?

I only ask as some programmers tend to believe that the only true accurate documentation is the code. I believe in meaningful comments and trying to write simple easy to understand docco to reduce questions. But everyone thinks differently and what is clear to one person isn't as easy to understand to another.


@onepict So-called documenting source code through comments in the source files is like:

I wrote you a book. I didn't write all the story, just some of it, so you can work the rest out yourself.

I divided the book into hundreds of separate bits. And I put those bits in random order in dozens of different documents.

You can go figure the order and location of the bits yourself.
Enjoy the story!

Would you read a book like that?

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