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'The Server Room' show on anon radio is coming up in about 9 hours at 15z00. It's a 30 minute show on IT related 'stuff' by @viktormadarasz
The stream will be here: and here
Anonradio is a libre service of where you can get a free unix shell account and many other toys! :-) Ditto for !
Here are the show notes for this week about thin clients
This is the best use of your time!

Facebook banished me for no apparent reason. New to Mastadon, trying to figure out how everything works. :) Hope to hear from you with hints and suggestions! Thank you.

@Gargron @robert If, by a hack such as the one in the link below, we increased Tardis World's toot character limit beyond the default 500, would there be any danger of breaking current or future compatibility with the rest of the Mastodon network?

This reminded me of #DonQuixote's rant about the golden age...

"Happy the age, happy the time, to which the ancients gave the name of golden, not because in that fortunate age the gold so coveted in this our iron one was gained without toil, but because they that lived in it knew not the two words 'mine' and 'thine'! ...

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Here comes a new BBS:

telnet 999

Running 9bbs on 9front, come say hi!

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I just found it really relaxing to watch this little guy:

Biometric data, gathered by police during arrest, should be expunged (or stored beyond a judicial warrant wall) upon dismissal or acquittal - Especially quick for minors.

The collection of DNA swabs and fingerprints represent a #privacy nightmare with no ability to opt out, even when proven innocent.

If the option to gather biometrics by simply creating an arrest scenario of those in social or political opposition exists, it might be naive to think it won't occur.

This is beyond consumers, this is an ecosystem that is now in Education and onwards. How many people use Windows because its just always been there. How often do FLOSS solutions get ripped out due to a new lay person making the decisions for SMEs, some local governments and charities? So often, is the answer. How do we encourage those organisations outside to support the development? How do we show the value of the software to people who don't code. The working product isn't enough.

I'm just hoping that perhaps one day when new developers/projects come along the points we make sink in. It does feel pointless occasionally, but I feel it's important someone states this. If nothing else it means if folk say "oh no one spoke up to us about this" there's a record that shows some of us have. If only to encourage more of the silent community who does agree but are scared to speak up to do so. It's a measure of a community on how it reacts to queries or criticism.

@onepict So-called documenting source code through comments in the source files is like:

I wrote you a book. I didn't write all the story, just some of it, so you can work the rest out yourself.

I divided the book into hundreds of separate bits. And I put those bits in random order in dozens of different documents.

You can go figure the order and location of the bits yourself.
Enjoy the story!

Would you read a book like that?

software is not genuinely Open Source if there's no proper documentation for the source code.
please hear...
please hear...

Je viens de terminer une Licence Professionnelle axée sur la qualité du développement logiciel.

Je cherche donc un travail en tant que développeur C++ / Python pour un an, avant de tenter une école d'ingénieur en alternance sur Toulouse.

Principalement sur Linux, j'ai des connaissances de base en analyse de performances (eg. BCC, LTTng).

Si jamais vous êtes intéressés, venez causer, je mords pas. 🍺 😉

Voici mon CV :

#jechercheunjob #toulouse #linux

Advice to anyone on Mastodon who's new.

Let me say this if you are on here because you think you're going to somehow convince your friends to migrate here or you think you will be an influencer like over there, I got news for you, prepare to be disappointed.

If you're willing to have patience though, try communicating with some of the people on the local and fed. timelines. Even the simplest thing like a compliment will mean a lot to someone and who knows you might make new friends.

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