I can't wait until people start colonizing space. Moon penal colonies would be legitimately bonkers.

Rap songs where they reminisce their time in the gallows.

"...and I'd like to thank you all for coming to my TED Talk on why pickles on pizza is a symptom of late-stage capitalism."

Even if Icarus fell, I'd love to know what that split second of bliss was like. That single moment where man was equal to gods. To fly, unhindered, unconcerned, free. To be greater than anyone in the world. Maybe that was worth it. Maybe Icarus was right.

I feel like I'm in deep space. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

Dementia is a terrifying disease. I remember reading "Flowers for Algernon" in middle school, and it struck me how similar the concepts are. The idea that you can be stripped of everything: everyone you know and love, everything you know and have come to appreciate. You don't even die, at least not immediately. You just live on as just another animal, living on whatever vague senses you have left.

Even if some religion was undoubtedly true, I'm still fucked. The fact that I know I'm going to die someday makes me who I am. Everyone has to spend life doing shit that they feel benefits them or people around them because it's embedded in human nature. But if i live forever, I can do that thing literally whenever. What's the fucking point? Everything you can do other than slave away, worshipping some narcissistic god, you eventually do. It's just as bad as a slow fucking death.

Why do adults tell children to "just be yourself "? Half of them can't tell what 2 plus 2 makes, and yet they're expected to do that when most adults can't.

How long can the human body function without sleep? Hypothetically...

Neĝas denove hodiaŭ. Ĝi estas bela, sed tro malvarma.

That ActivityPub thing's pretty wild, huh?

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